Kelly is Reaktiv Studios’ preferred design partner for three years now. Her impeccable eye for design is matched by her drive to do the research required to create a site that actively works towards achieving the goals of her clients. I can tell you first hand that her design (and the research behind it) is responsible for a positive change in our public perception and the quality of the prospective clients and projects we are now seeing today. 

– Bri Norcross, Reaktiv Studios

Reaktiv Studios is one of only 9 VIP developers in the world and one of my favorite developers to work with. They’ve engineered many of my web design projects over the last several years, so I was pretty excited when they contacted me about working on their redesign.

Reaktiv had outgrown their current branding and needed a new site design that clearly communicated the elite level of development their team is capable of. One of the most rewarding aspects of my design process is helping a client ‘tell their story’ in a way that resonates with the kind of clients they want to align with for future work. This process requires a lot of company-wide introspection, research, and consideration of what target audience the company wants to attract. I become ingrained in the culture and goals of a company before I draw a single element in the design. When I finally enter the design phase, I am armed with pages of analysis and data to guide the designs.

Make sure to check out Reaktiv’s beautifully responsive client showcase which is one of my favorite pages on the site. Most of the brilliant solutions that Reaktiv crafts for their clients are behind the scenes engineering, coding and problem solving. This type of work doesn’t always lend itself to the normal visual-heavy portfolio so I came up with this custom portfolio that showcases client case studies along with ‘Skill Reviews.’ The Skill Reviews appear within the showcase and create a space for Reaktiv Studios to tell about the kind of complex coding work they excel in. The skill reviews cover some of Reaktiv’s most prized skills, like third party software integrations and VIP development.


Logo and Web Design by Kelly Housholder. Site Build by Reaktiv Studios. 

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