Collaborative Rebrand and Ad Campaign for Moss Rock Festival.  Several talented Birmingham artists (Drea Zacharenko, Anna Reynolds, Cary Norton, Rob Culpepper and myself) collaborated and pulled our talents together to create this imaginative campaign highlighting the festival’s premise of creativity and eco-friendly ideas.

Moss Rock Festival went even ‘greener’ by launching a new responsive website and mobile program for festival visitors to look at on their smart phones during the festival. During the 2 day festival over 3000 people visited the mobile site – saving tons of waste and making things more accessible for festival visitors.


The poster above actually doubles as the festival catalog enabling the festival to have more than twice the number of promotional materials from 2009 with the same amount of paper. Pre-event this piece will be used to promote the festival and during the event it will be folded down (accordion style) to create a catalog of artists and sponsors for the event.

Lead Designer: Kelly Housholder. Co-Designers, photographers, illustrators: Drea Zacharenko, Anna Reynolds, Cary Norton, Rob Culpepper 

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