The Jones Valley Teaching Farm project was an extraordinary and rewarding project. When Grant Brigham approached me about rebranding the farm, the main objectives were to examine the way the community saw Jones Valley Urban Farm (as it was named at that time) and completely revamp the story that their brand was currently telling. The community thought of Jones Valley as an endearing urban farm with community plots and a stand at the local farmer’s market. The real story that needed to be told was that Jones Valley’s biggest push was educating young minds. We set out to position Jones Valley as a educational resource within the city and to draw attention to their exceptional programing such as ‘Seed to Plate’ which teaches students where food comes from and why it matters.

I gathered together some of the local community’s top creative minds: Cary Norton (photographer) and Jordan Sowards (Writer) were deeply involved in the project from its start to completion. These incredible folks contributed to the project in big ways as well: Sara Cannon (design), Andrew Thompson (signage, handmade brand elements), Andrew Norcross (Reaktiv Studios, site development) and of course all the dedicated farmers and educators at Jones Valley. The first step was renaming the farm to Jones Valley Teaching Farm and the multi-year project spanned signage, events, marketing, printed pieces, web and social media. 

The work Kelly did for us through the rebrand has made an immeasurable difference in how we tell JVTF’s story. Her focus and creativity has transformed our organization.

– Grant Brigham, Executive Director at Jones Valley Teaching Farm


I can’t say enough good things about Kelly’s approach to the design process. She has a unique ability to bring together great design with thoughtful and effective business strategies.

-Grant Brigham



The Jones Valley site has evolved quite a bit over the years. Below is an excerpt from a landing page concept I did for an online fundraising campaign that ran for a year. Each panel of the landing page was fully customizable and allowed the organization to revamp the landing page each month to focus on a new initiative. See the whole concept here.


 Project lead and Designer: Kelly Housholder
Copywriting and videography: Jordan Sowards
Photography: Cary Norton
Handmade signage: Andrew Thompson
Landing page site build: Reaktiv Studios

Several photos above are taken from the Jones Valley Teaching Farm Instagram. 

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