The Project

Impact Alabama approached me about rebranding their Alabama-based nonprofit. The organization was expanding into several other states and changing their name to Impact America. They needed a brand update and responsive web site strategy to encompass the new national aspects of their mission as well as the state-specific initiatives.

Impact America wanted a custom site that inspired community-minded college students and recent graduates to join their Corps program and serve families living at or below the poverty line. Each Impact initiative is unique and the site needed to emphasize goals and efforts of each. I worked with the development geniuses at Reaktiv Studios to create a robust, yet simple way for Impact employees to easily and efficiently add a lot of data to their site and display it in a beautiful and clear way. These landing pages clearly tell the most up-to-date impact that each initiative is having on the community and the entire set up is easy for Impact’s employees to edit on the fly. See their SaveFirst initiative to see some of this data in action.


Impact’s work is funded by businesses, organizations and individuals looking to invest in a nonprofit who is making a measurable difference in the lives of those in poverty. I designed Impact’s new site with sponsor logos on each initiative and state page in order to give proper attention and thanks to those supporters based on their involvement. We made it easy for the client to apply the applicable logos to different areas of the site. As all nonprofits know, thanking and highlighting hundreds of donors is always a challenge! Doing it well is of upmost importance.

One of my favorite parts of the site is an online library of resources curated by the professors and experts on staff. Impact University is a hub for students and professors interested in ethics, social responsibility and poverty. The library includes videos, articles, literature, podcasts, films and syllabi.

Logos and responsive site design by Kelly Housholder. Site Build by Reaktiv Studios. Copywriting by Jordan Sowards. Photography provided by Impact America.

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