It’s no secret that you’ll lay out a respectable chunk of change to a developer for the creation and maintenance of a website. Design Palette Pro, a plugin that works with Genesis & StudioPress themes, gives you the power to change the look and feel of your site as often as you need to – without needing a developer. If that wasn’t sweet enough, it’s also all kinds of easy to use. (adapted from the Design Palette Pro site)

I had a lot of fun working with Reaktiv Studios to relaunch their brand, create a new logo and bring their popular plugin website up to date. We wanted the plugin’s website to feel as professional and easy to use as the plugin itself. I tailored the design to Genesis and StudioPress users looking for DIY ways to edit their website. 



One of my favorite sections of the site is the glimpse of the Design Palette Pro plugin dashboard (desktop version of the site only) with callouts. We wanted desktop users to be able to see exactly what the plugin tools looked like and encourage them to dig deeper into the free demo. Kudos to the Reaktiv Studios team for pulling off the coding to make this happen! I love how it turned out!


Logo and Web Design by Kelly Housholder. Site Build by Reaktiv Studios. 

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